Compare Dutch health insurance 2022

The healthcare prices have been published!  You can now compare the best Dutch health insurance !  You can easily compare insurrance by clicking on the filter options located on the left side of the table. Select your basic package and any additional or dental coverages you need to get the best overview.

Using this overview of health insurrances will quickly get you a good view of which Dutch health insurance policy suits you best. Choosing a Dutch health insurance that closely matches your medical needs can save you a lot of money. For this reason it is wise to compare your health insurance.

Mandatory healthinsurance

It is mandatory to have health insurance in the Netherlands . A basic insurance covers you against most possible Dutch healthcare costs. The basic health insurrances cover you in most cases so you won’t get in huge debt it does’nt cover all expenses. Dutch healthinsurrance has an obligatory deductible excess, meaning you will have to pay a part of the medical bill yourself untill a certain ammount. it is possible to raise your deductible for a lower premium on your health insurrance.